About Us

First Trust and Quality

We are the partner with the right solution for the eco-friendly and efficient transport of all type of goods.

With a team of certified and specialized drivers, we guarantee safety and efficiency in the transport of all type of goods, from general cargo to containers, to tires and dangerous goods. Grounded on the commitment to environmental sustainability, we have a fleet of eco-friendly trucks. Equipped with Euro VI motors, our vehicles stand up to the most demanding European standards on pollutant emissions and also provide motors with high efficiency levels, reliability and low consumption.

At KLOG Transport Solutions we follow the technological innovation route and optimize our work resorting to the most advanced solutions. With a fleet equipped with a modern management and location system, we track the entire route of the goods in real time, foreseeing the load delivery time. All our trucks are equipped with technology that enables us to provide immediate and updated remote information services of all transport documentation.

With a highly dedicated team, we provide a 24 hour/day assistance service, a contingency plan for the transport of dangerous goods, and programed maintenance of the equipment. Our clients also have a 3,500 m2 warehouse, located in Fajozes, in the council of Vila do Conde, at their disposal.


Our mission is to offer and promote road transport solutions with value-added proposals that contribute actively to the success of our customers.


To be recognized in the Iberian road transport market as a leading company in service excellence, consistently providing its customers with high quality standards, promoting responsible business and environmental practices.

KLOG Transport Solutions was incorporated in September 2018 with an investment of over half a million euros from the partners of KLOG Logistics Solutions. We were born to respond to the more and more demanding needs of our customers.

Added-value partnerships

At KLOG Transport Solutions we adopt high standards of rigour and quality in all the processes, including in the choice of our suppliers and business partners, which are the result of a thorough selection, to ensure the excellence of our services.

Navitrans & Trimble

Integration of the two systems in a global management tool, with resources such as transport management, professional GPS navigation system for trucks, route management, continuous driver performance measurement and fleet, maintenance and repair management.

Res Assistance

Complete assistance network, available 24 hours/day that guarantees the quality of the assistance that the driver and/or the truck may need during the journey.

Alves Bandeira

Safety in the supply and choice of the most appropriate fuel additive for our eco-friendly trucks.


We are members of ANTRAM (National Association of Public Transporters of Goods by Road), an association with over four decades of expertise in the sector.


Complete programmed maintenance service for our trucks and 24 hour/day assistance.

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