Key factor for success

Indices of Excellence

At KLOG Transport Solutions we believe that involved and committed employees promote the best results.

Dedicated Employees

Professionalism, expertise, qualification, specialization and certification. Attributes that fully describe our drivers, to whom we provide a vast number of tools to perform their duties better every day.

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Orientation Guide

Our employees are a critical factor for success. We, therefore, work to guarantee their full integration in a unique and highly motivated team. We provide all new employees with an Orientation Guide, an instrument meant to make our operations and organizational culture easier to assimilate.

Driver’s Guide

Ensuring our commitment to quality, we provide all our professionals with a Driver’s Guide, a work instrument that will accompany them daily. The document enables learning about the organizational structure, the various procedures that the driver must execute daily, and the policies applied at various levels.


We are proud to have a team of highly professional, skilled and specialized drivers, guaranteeing regular training within the various domains.

  • Efficient Driving
  • Social Regulations and Tachographs
  • Good Customer Relations Practices
  • Load Packaging – Stowage and Mooring
  • ADR (Dangerous Cargo) Training
  • Continuous training to renew CAM – Driver Aptitude Certificate
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