Investment in information systems

Excellence in rendering our services

We believe that investment in information systems is the path towards excellence in rendering our services. From professional navigation and GPS systems, to route and document management optimization, at KLOG Transport Solutions we have, today, the most advanced technological solutions, guaranteeing maximum driver efficiency and performance.

With a fleet equipped with a modern management and location system, we track the entire route of the goods in real time, foreseeing the load delivery time.

​Professional Truck Navigation System and Route Management

Navigation system adapted to the needs and sizes of the truck in order to outline the quickest and most economical route possible.
Failure or accident communication system with activation of 24 hour/day assistance service.

GPS Location Finder

Total real-time fleet control, with the history of positions and stops through a GPS location finder system.

Document Management

Our fleet is equipped with tablets that enable providing the customer, through a scanner and uploading, with all the documents relative to the transport at the exact time when the goods arrive at their destination.

Performance Management

Integration of Canbus technology for eco-friendly driving, a detailed report on consumption management and driving style.

Driving Time Management

Real-time monitoring system of the drivers’ driving, with notifications and warnings of the necessary break, rest or driver switching times, guaranteeing compliance with the laws in force.

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