Safety, Quality and Eco-friendly Efficiency


At KLOG Transport Solutions we give priority to safety, quality and eco-friendly efficiency, reason why our fleet consists of trucks equipped with Euro VI motors and advanced technological management systems.

  • Tractors
  • Mostly 2-axis trucks equipped with Euro VI motors with a towable gross weight of 44 tons
  • Box
  • Curtain-side trailer (Tautliner)
  • Standard
  • Mega (12642-XL)
  • Semi-mega (12642-XL)
  • HGV Trailer
  • Extendable Container Chassi
  • 20”
  • 40”
  • 45”

KLOG Transport Solutions has a set of transport services. We guarantee safety and efficiency in the transport of all type of goods

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First SAFETY AND RIGOUR in our services.

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