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KLOG invests 500 thousand euros on a contractual logistics platform

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Multinational AMCOR is one of the companies that has already benefited from KLOG’s services, shipping products within the European market

KLOG – a logistics and transport company whose capital is one hundred percent domestic – has just inaugurated a contractual logistics platform – which represents an investment of half a million euros – with four thousand square metres, located next to the company’s headquarters in Vila do Conde. After opening the Coimbra platform, which grew 37 percent during the first semester of 2015, compared to the same period of the previous year, KLOG continues to invest in new infrastructures and in the diversification of its supply.

KLOG’s contractual logistics platform ensures the entire process of orders and returns management, product finishing, packaging, labelling, and price marking, as well as customs services and tax warehouse, and placement and removal of loads in containers, among many other value added services. One of KLOG’s most important areas for these operations is the sea sector, with complete logistics management from the point of origin to the final destination. In this sense, the company guarantees the deconsolidation of the load and all the subsequent activity of preparation of the order, shipment and national transport to the distribution centres.

KLOG adapts its offer to the specificity of each company’s business, as well as to the products and markets where its customers operate, through an integrated logistics concept. Technology and information systems play a crucial role in KLOG’s operations. The company has a Warehouse Management System with an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection that allows customers to consult, in real time, among other data, stock management.

AMCOR already benefits from KLOG’s services

AMCOR – a multinational company that is the leader in the supply of packages to the food and industrial sectors, as well as to the health sector – already benefits from KLOG’s contractual logistics platform. Two daily connections are ensured to AMCOR’s factory in Portugal, where both the products that are to be shipped to European destinations, as well as those to be forwarded as stock, can be picked up. This enables increasing the capacity to respond to AMCOR customers’ requests and orders. AZTA and Go Trend, from the textile sector, and Cabelte, from the auto sector, are some of the other companies that have chosen this national company’s contractual logistics services.

“One of the main goals of KLOG’s contractual logistics platform is to support our customers in reducing their provisioning and supply times, making their businesses grow. With efficient management, it is possible to guarantee a reduction in stocks and costs, and adapt the operation to each market in which the companies operate. We provide a comprehensive service that includes consulting and project management, computer-based support, and quality control, as well as the transport and storage of products”, notes José Cardoso, director of KLOG.

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