Contract Logistics Division


KLOG’s Contract Logistics Division seeks to expand its opportunities through new strategies. Contractual Logistics means establishing individual partnerships for outsourcing operations that integrate the most diverse logistics functions.

From basic processes such as transportation and warehousing, IT support and quality management to the most dedicated consulting and project management services, we always aim to develop long-term and value-added partnerships with your organization. The global integration of our solutions, which are tailored to your company’s specific goals, will help you grow your business effectively in the national and international markets.

Transport, warehousing and distribution solutions

Labeling, packaging and repacking

Quality control of goods

Order management, Labeling and pricing

Supporting IT tools, tailored to the specificities of logistics solutions

Custom contractual logistics solutions


  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Starting Operation
  • Regular Work


Comprehensive networking through an integrated system

Maximum flexibility to meet individual requirements

Global access through a range of unified systems

High levels of quality and stability thanks to universal standards

High security in information management thanks to backup systems

Existing compatibility between client and partner systems


Transport, storage and distribution solutions

Order Management

Quality control of goods

Computer support

Labeling, packaging and repacking

Labeling and pricing

Customs clearance

Consulting services

Consulting services

Supply and Distribution Logistics

Analysis of locations, merchandise flows and other constraints

Definition of supply chain and identification of critical points

Analysis and optimization of transport and storage processes


Product validity management

Tracking based on serial number / lot

Stock management and control of strict entries and exits, including FIFO, LIFO, FEFO and LEFO storage systems

Klog as a Partner

We can improve your business, knowing your administrative, operational or management-related processes, increasing your results and optimising the efficiency of the logistic processes.

Our solutions are built based on our global agent network, as well as on our team’s knowledge and expertise.

Nacional Network


5300 m2 warehouse area
675 m2 office area


2000 m2 warehouse area
230 m2 office area


2200 m2 warehouse area
250 m2 office area

Klog Logistics Platforms

Contract Logistic

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