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We don't accept status quo. We search alternatives, new ideas, approaches and solutions to overcome barriers. We take calculated risks. Our collaborators are entrepreneurs, brave and resilient.


We believe that our competitive advantage in the long-term depends on our capacity and determination to innovate, obtaining continuous improvements and increasing our efficiency. We encourage our employees to generate new ideas, evaluate their capacity to do so, and expect that KLOG’s leaders set the example to be followed.


We search for the best solutions and services, geared towards the customer. Our employees and company managers must be sufficiently flexible to accept new ideas and new ways of doing business. They must also be prepared to accept changes, improve services and processes and provide answers to new organisational challenges.


We remain loyal to ourselves, with humility, assertiveness, consistency and coherence.


We take responsibilities and hope others do the same. We encourage a culture of openness, transparency and accountability, and are receptive to our employee’s opinions as well as to those of our external partners, as a means of obtaining an independent evaluation of our performance, our degree of compliance with the best practices and our own values and principles. We strive to provide an answer to the concerns of the interested parties.


Our employees are given autonomy and are expected to assume responsibility. We believe in cooperation and team work as a means of sharing know-how, expertise and responsibility, both for the execution of daily tasks, as well as the resolution of complex problems.


We believe that employees that are passionate and enthusiastic provide better results for the company. The success of our company is our passion. Our employees’ passion is the propelling force for our development and capacity to overcome any situations that may arise.


Relations with the interested parties are based on respect, transparency, honesty, loyalty and integrity. We do not tolerate any lack of ethics or form of corruption. We preserve our independence in order to talk and act freely, in the defence of company interests.


We know our business activity has an impact on the social environment and that we have a responsibility to support the local community. Our goal is to cooperate with social solidarity or charity institutions and support cultural, sports or other types of activities, encouraging the active participation of all our employees.


We are an equal opportunity employer. We don't accept any type of discrimination in the workplace concerning age, sex, race, social origin, religion, sexual orientation or physical fitness. Our compensation and career development systems are based on merit.


The physical and psychological well-being of our employees is of crucial importance to us. We strive to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. We expect all our employees to follow safety guidelines and practices.


We consider the responsible management of environmental issues to be crucial for our business success. We are dedicated to the concept of eco-efficiency and give priority to the development of sustainable transport and logistics services and solutions, actively respecting these principles in all our business practices. We want to increase the recognition of our brand toward our customers, increasing the visibility of the environmental performance of road transport in the supply chain.

Klog, Logistics

Our solutions are built based on our global agent network, as well as on our team’s knowledge and expertise.
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